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    I got a response to my search for a Pierce Stanhope. Thank You !

    I am wondering if anyone knows this car. It is a 1904 Stanhope with a new body, 8 HP car, serial #651.

    Its being sold in Europe by Happy Old Iron. The photos of the car look nice, although it has a Model T carb on it. It has a New York license on the back….so thought some of you East Coast members might know some history. Anything you may know is helpful and appreciated.

    Thanks, (if you do not wish to comment here, please email me)

    http://[email protected]



    All that I have on that Stanhope is that the factory table states total of 261 Model 8-M cars were built.

    This is not much, but it is something.

    How it got to Europe is a big DK!



    Peter…..thanks for this. How do we make sense of the serial # 651. Is this a cumulative number of the one cylinder cars ? or ??



    The model M cars began at S/N 501 and were sequential with many numbers not used. If you go to the menu under tools and select identification guide and enter in your serial number, you will find that 651 is a valid number. Details of actual numbers used and location are included.


    This car is listed in the vehicle register and should have engine number 170. Register shows ownership by Sam Jaffe in 2000 followed by Don Meyer. You may wish to contact Don. Contact info is in 2015 roster



    Great info!




    Thanks for this info. I know Sam but haven’t talked with him for about 15 years. Don was a good friend of mine and died in 2015. I’ll see if I can locate Sam. Any and all help is much appreciated.



    Here is the photo of the engine …….


    A potential London-Brighton entrant?


    Not likely. I did that in 2014 so it is checked off my list.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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