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    Man, I agree. I don’t see the value for the money in so many Pierces offered for sale. And a lot of other cars these days, mostly offered by dealers. I wish more people would consider this the wholesome hobby it once was rather than a means to get rich.

    Right now in Hemmings there’s a 1911 Lozier with a price tag of $1,249,000. One and a quarter Million. Granted, it’s a super nice car but I’ll bet the dealer paid a price which is less than if you remove the “1” from the front of the figure.

    Like mutual funds, there seem to be more dealers than actual cars for sale. This sort of thing is not good for the hobby and will have consequences for the next generation, I’m sure. Do you think if someone pays even close to that kind of money for the Lozier, that you’ll ever see that car on the road again? How can that be good for the hobby? I guess the sad thing about the world is that today there are plenty of people who would pay that kind of money for an old car without a second thought.

    When I started going to Hershey in the 1970’s there was an old couple from somewhere down south who, every fall, drove their 1915 Simplex to the meet. DROVE. Maybe as much as 1000 miles. And they parked it in the parking lot at the Hershey Motor Lodge. What a thrill for a young man to see that car parked there like ordinary transportation, and driven on the roads. That was something that’s disappeared from the world. Like the sound of leather belting driving a lathe or mechanical typewriters or horses hooves on city streets.

    OK, I’ll get off my soap box. Had my say. Good-bye.


    I guess that once upon a time a Rembrandt was affordable!!



    Did you see the 34 Packard coupe that sold for 4.2 million two weeks ago at RM? World class cars are in short supply, and it will continue to cause prices to increase. Many of the best cars are now in museums, trusts, and other perminant collections making the few good cars coming to market go out of the reach of every day collectors. A modern art painting just sold for 180 million yesterday. Cars are a bargin!


    Every thing is relevant in today’s economy. This is no longer a hobby of small car clubs across the States. This is a world market. in many towns where you live land is still cheap. Real estate in many countries have gone through the roof. a one acre lot to build a house on in my area starts at 450,000. and that is bare land. If you want farm land in a large parcel you will pay 200,000 per acre. I agree with Ed Cars are a bargain. there are so many cars available in the 100,000 to 200,000 bracket that should be much more. And the truly special or rare cars, the Brass era and the custom body prewar cars you will see in the near future a very sharp appreciation in price.


    A lot of you that started out as hobbyists have morphed into

    collectors without realizing it. Wifely scorn, lack of space, and

    lack of money seems to be the controlling factors whether sanity

    will prevail when that next purchase tempts. It is a common malady

    called “Mad Car Disease”” Only the rich get rich from this pursuit.


    This Picasso sold at Christie’s yesterday for $179,300,000.00, so perhaps a Great Arrow is worth a zillion USD.


    The “Great Arrow” that started this thread was an artwork that had a very high price tag for a modern piece….I agree that an original Great Arrow should be worth a lot, at least half a zillion…

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