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    Hi- two questions. I’m working on an article for the ARROW. How many Model 33’s were built in 1921? Also, would like a picture of the gas regulator used on that car, including the knob used to operate. There may have been two styles of knobs, as I have documentation of a change in 1921 to add a pin to the knob, in order to locate position by touch. thanks David Coco Winchester VA.


    HI Dave,

    You can link here to an article I wrote several years ago about my 1922 Series 33 that has an illustration of the gas regulator knob as part of the dash panel. Link here: https://pierce-arrow.org/features/feature14/index.php My 1922 has the little bump at the end of the arrow on the knob to make touch adjustment possible. My understanding has always been that Series 32’s were 1921 and Series 33’s are the 1922 production. Of course it’s possible they jumped the model year with late Fall 1921 production of 33’s, but I’ve never heard anything about that one way or another. Sounds like a good article….I’m looking forward to it. Tony Doughty, Walker, MN


    Thanks Tony…that’s a help. It’s more information found in the files of Buerk Tool Works, that I acquired a while back, and was the source of an article recently in the Arrow magazine. BTW made the regulators for Pierce, and there’s even a reference to having the arrow, but that Pierce would paint the white fill color, and as mentioned the pin modification. Working on it!! David C.


    The pin was added to the knob in a letter dated September 12, 1921, to the supplier (BTW), so would have appeared on production cars soon after that.

    And, you are correct on the Model 33 year. The documents show that the drawing (blueprint #75334) for the knob was modified on December 9, 1921, to state that “Mod. 33 [added] to title”.

    So, to revise my question, I’d be curious to know how many Model 32’s were produced in 1921. thanks David C.


    The book Pierce-Arrow by Marc Ralston indicates the Series 32 production to be approx. 1,000.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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