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    NEEDED: 24 inch Budd Disc Wheels. It has 8 lugs, large center hole & 2 hand holes. Tire size is 36 X 6

    These wheels were also used on other truck makers and trailers. I NEED 2 of them but would buy more if available. Jerry Turner, Nostalgic Reflections Museum 509-226-3522 [email protected] Spokane, Washington.



    I also need the headlight rings, and the air shock top caps for this 1924 Pierce Arrow Bus.



    What diameter is the heaslight ring? It cold be a S80 size or series 33/36 sixe. The headlight assembly consists of the headlight reflector, the aluminum or potmetal ring that is screwed to the fender, the slide on headlightbt bezel, and the clamping ring that goes around the bezel and clmaps it to the aluminum ring on the fender.

    Do you need the slide on bezel and the clamping ring? or ?

    Greg L


    I just have “one” cast ring for the headlight cans, and a set of lenses, but nothing else. I have never seen one together, so I don’t know what all I need. I do need the reflectors too, along with the bezels, clamps etc. you talked about.

    Please advise,

    Thank you,

    Jerry Turner



    I forgot to give you the dimensions. Measureing across the cast headlight ring, it is just under 9 3/4 inches across.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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