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    I saw it and read the description and the cars frame has been shortened.



    A “barn find” that’s been in storage, wow, 20 years! Put away long ago in about 1996, in a modern day barn. That term is getting so old.

    Shame what someone did to this poor car….


    There’s a PAS badge in the corner of the front windshield.

    Anyone in the PAS know the car?


    Craig & Ken,

    Good eyes and a good question.

    The reason it looks so strange is that according to Bernie Weis’ charts, this was a 2-door Coach that was cut in to a Runabout.

    If you look, the windshield is very tall and the top looks strange.

    The reason is that it is NOT a Runabout.




    I am going to look at my Series 80 frame and see if there is a weld on the frame in the engine compartment.

    All of the Series 80 cars, regardless of Sub-Model, i.e., Runabout, Coupe, 5-Pass Touring / Sedan, 7-Pass Touring / Sedan or EDL, sat on a 130″ wheelbase frame.

    Also note that this vehicle has a ton of other things that are incorrect, so venture with care.

    This could be one cobbled together Franken-Pierce.



    Recently a cut down coupe was converted to an open car, and sold as a conv coupe. ALL open cars should be considered with a suspicious eye, until proven correct. The same also goes for any twelve, And ALL open twelves should be considered fake until proven otherwise. I can think of a bunch that are not correct. Sadly some of the owners are not aware they own fake/converted cars.


    I just inspected my 1925 Series 80 and there are no frame welds.

    This is a Franken-Pierce.

    As Ed Minnie stated, Caveat Emptor!


    Peter and Ed,

    Thank you for the information. I am always learning something new from you this





    I know this car. I was at the ‘farm auction’ when it sold to someone other than me !! It was ‘created’ by a PAS member living near the center of Michigan’s lower peninsula, near Gladwin I think. I might be in a 1989 roster. The owner said he’d made up the body. It showed up in the farm auction where I saw it a few years later, this auction was somewhere east of Lapeer Michigan.

    I was going to bid on it for it’s parts, but with the auctioneer starting looking for a bid at $25K, I just had to laugh. When the auctioneer kept lowering the request for the first bid, he found one at I think $7K or $8K. Roughly double I thought I’d want to pay.

    I never met the buyer, but I do remember him joining the PAS and asking a few questions about his car.

    The body is made of 1″ angle iron, an odd top ‘forced’ into sort-of fitting, The rear fenders when I saw the

    car in the ’90’s were kinked into a smaller radius to ‘fit’ the made-up body.

    The engine ran at that time, but poorly, this IS a really good parts-car, it has many good Pierce Arrow components, but it is not restorable in itself.

    If a person had a good Series 80 chassis, and had a good restoration shop, with good wood-body frame skills and metal forming skills, then maybe it would be worth making a new body for it, but I’d have to measure the cowl to see if it is the right size and shape shape. If not, it will need a roadster cowl to turn it into a roadster or 4=passenger Touring.

    From the firewall forward, it looks pretty good, wrong carburetor, no vacuum fuel supply tank, an obviously wrong horn, but otherwise not too bad. It has been apart sometime or another, it has a ’28 cylinder head.

    So, this is not a car, it is an assemblage of parts.

    Greg Long


    If a member wishes to fix, improve or restore this vehicle, I have only an uncut good 80’s frame with axles, wood wheels and suspension but NO cowl, other mechanicals like engine and steering box.

    John Steckbeck, Fort Wayne, IN



    And now bid to $14,800. Lots of money for a parts car.

    I’ve seen vehicles of this type referred to as “bitsa”” or a bit of this and a bit of that…a very appropriate description.”


    Something very odd has happened with the ebay auction. The current price is now $11K. I suspect someone went and looked at the car, realized just how much of it is make=do, and made-up and retracted their bid or bids. I can’t figure out how else the price could have dropped several thousands of dollars.

    Greg Long



    Good hunch. It got to $15,555 and that bid was retracted. Someone else retracted a $14,700 bid. Current high bidder is a newly, with one auction to their credit. $11,111.



    Well, just like other car auctions, or any auction for that matter, there can be shill bids. In some cases that’s legal, having someone bid the price up, and I think it happens on Ebay often (though not “legal” in their definition).

    I’ve always complained, internally, about Ebay and the dreaded PayPal. I will tell you, though, I paid a high price for a Pierce oil can, buyer sent me tracking and all seemed well, until three weeks went by, and no can. He wouldn’t refund, but Ebay/PayPal did.

    So, be careful what you bid on, and keep all correspondence, via email or messages.

    This is a mess of a car, but someone out there may love it…


    Tells me what I always thought were true about Appraisals. Everyone has

    an opinion.


    Unfortunately this has passed through Volo Cars and now reportedly purchased by a (victim) very nice member in Germany, Dr. Wolfram Loh.

    Dave Stevens

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