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    Hello All,
    Karl Krouch and I are working on a couple of "new to us" Pierces. We are down to the hard to find items. Any help would be appreciated. Contact info: Rick Horne [email protected] 334 263-4169. Karl Krouch [email protected] 717 697-9543

    1927 Series 80: need vacuum tank, one good used head light rim, horn bracket, 2 head light lenses.

    1929 133: need a distributor cap. I have a good top and knob. Just need the cap itself. I suppose a Studebaker would work as well.


    What type of lenses do you need? I have a pair of B&L Stars that may be appropriate for your vehicle. They are in very good shape, although they do not match in color, as one is slightly violet, while the other is nicely clear. I believe that they belong on a later Series 80 than mine, which is a 1924. Advise as you wish.


    Hi Peter,

    You are correct, the Star lenses were used in the late 26 and 27 models. If they are 8 &3/8 in diameter they will fit my car. Also, they must be fluted and "flat". The wedge shaped lenses are not Series 80.

    Thanks Rick

    PS: I really enjoyed seeing your car at the Meet last summer. Great car with a great history. Hope to see it again in Lexington.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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