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    I have a radiator and a timing cover for a 1928 Model 81 if you are interested. We will be in Lexington next week for the show. If you plan to attend, I can bring them along. Let me know.


    Don, I should have read your AACA post more carefully to see that you are already a member and posting here. You might contact George Teebay directly with questions, as he is quite expert on Series 80-81 info. Also, George Quay brought his Series 81 roadster to the national meet this year for the first time, and he might be able to give you leads and advice as he has just been through sorting out his car. Again, good luck.


    Tony, thanks. George Teebay has already been a big help, I have just finished all the lubrication issues based on his guidelines. I have met Paul Morris and seen his very impressive collection including an 81 club sedan. I will also contact George Quay. Now that I am finally able to focus my attention on waking up this car all kinds of questions are popping up. Here is a photo:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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