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    this car is in the shore area n.j. and looks to be in excellent original condition. being sold by a used car dealer dealing in hi end pre owned. go on web site brians auto center. pictures are there. drum headlites. i know the dealer and would be willing to take interested party there. could have been sold new from local pierce dealer looks to be running



    I saw this car last year online, the price was initially $59,900, seems he’s come down a bit.

    It looks to be a nice car, I wouldn’t mind adding it to my collection!

    (Right after I hit the lottery!)


    Here is a photo and link to the dealer’s web-site.

    Problem with all of these great cars for sale is that few if any come with a garage!



    One of many additional photos from dealer’s web page.

    Dealer notes 29k miles on the clock.


    This Series 36 with the bracket or cheese box headlamps was owned by PAS members Evan Colella of Saddlebrook, NJ and before him by Robert Gleisen of Teaneck, NJ.


    I would appreciate someone commenting on the dash instruments. I am not familiar with the instrumentation of this model. The dash certainly appears too modern to be original.


    The dash instruments are correct for a Series 33/36, although the polished aluminum background is not…it should be dull black. Note that the “gasoline” gauge is showing air pressure in the tank, not gallons of fuel….that is indicated on a separate gauge in the tank.

    The switches below the gauges control the “electrics”. The three buttons on the left control the ignition: the left & right switches of the left-most 3 control the left & right spark plugs. The center (of the 3 left-most set) is for dual-ignition.

    The button over the key controls the dash lights. There are two dash-lights indirectly lighting the gauges. The bump to the left of the “10 o’clock” position on the clock is where the bulb is. Another bump & bulb is located to the right of the speedometer.

    The three right buttons control the lights. The left one controls the main headlight bulbs. The center one controls the parking light bulb. The right-most switch is a spare for user-installed accessories. A separate switch near the pedals controls bright/dim headlight.

    The small nickle knob underneath the left-most ignition button is the stem to wind/set the clock. The big black knob on the left is the carburetor richness adjustment (turns a needle valve in the carburetor). The big knob on the right is the pressure pump to pressurize the gas tank. Out of sight are the knobs for the primer and cowl ventilator.



    The Series 33/36 dash is shown and discussed in this article archived from 6 or 7 years ago in the “Feature Articles”” section of the website. Here’s a copy and paste link: https://pierce-arrow.org/features/feature14/index.php”



    PHEW! Quite a description. ;-)


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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