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    1929 fan pulley pump rebuild.
    Usually the fiber gear goes bad from sitting a long time or lack of lubrication. If the bushing and shaft aren’t worn out you can replace just the fiber gear after bead blasting or a good cleaning. Buick uses the same fiber gear and are still available. A photo of mine is attached.
    hope this information is useful.1929 Pulley pump


    What does this device do?



    The hub is an oil reservoir, the two gears are an oil pump the supplies oil to the shaft and bushing for the fan pulley assembly. A few ounces of motor oil into the hub when the slotted screw is removed. Pretty simple idea.


    So I need to check mine 



    If you haven’t, I would take it off clean it and see if it fiber gear is still in good condition. Good maintenance practice. Thanks, Andrew


    I guess Charley Chaplin was right!

    In earlier PA owners and service manuals you had “Your Man” oil the fan bearing, now he was replaced by modern (steam punk) “technology”.

    Does the oil matter?… 30W non detergent?

    Buick club for the gear?

    Thanks for the insight into my car. Todd


    30W will work, I got a couple from the Buick guy. Perfect fit

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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