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    Four years ago I started the ground work to make repro 1930 8cyl. exhaust manifolds. At that time there was at least 3-4 people who needed them. Some of those had invested badly in a Texas outfit that never came up with finished product. As I was closing in on pricing, Dave Murry also saw the need and stated he would be producing a run in South America. I called and talked to Dave, and at that time he stated his project was started so I stopped mine. Daves have all been sold to members. I have produced other small run castings that have been sold to members. These include: foot rests, horn brackets, UU2 Carb tops, and the latest Series 80 lifter brackets. If I can get some kind of count on who would be interested in a US made manifold, (no monies collected till done), I would start getting new pattern pricing, foundry and machining cost for a run of 10 manifolds. Based on my 2005 work they would most likly be somewhere around $2000 each, ready to bolt on the car. Any comments are welcome. Karl

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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