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    I am trying to reconcile the bulbs installed in the car with the Owner’s Manual and with what might be available in terms of LED replacements.

    My headlamps have mazda 1000 bulbs, which I understand to be *the* correct bulb, rated 32cp/32cp.  Restoration Supply, as of today, doesn’t have the LED replacement.  Other sources?

    The front auxiliary/parking lamps have an 1183 bulb.  This is supposed to be a 50 cp bulb.  Restoration Supply does not have the incandescent version.  An internet search does not turn up an LED replacement, but there may be an issue with the party entering the search term.

    I’ve also had a suggestion to use a 81 bulb which is much less bright and more in line with the owner’s manual.

    Which are the right bulbs for the tailights and brake light?  LED replacement?

    I did see the 2019 Service Bulletin with the article on LED lights and also wondered if there were any updates since then.






    Rear lights:  I use a #1133 (32 cp) spotlight bulb (mushroom head) for stoplight and reversing light, and #1129 (21 cp) for taillight.  The original #63 (3 cp) for tail is impossibly dim for today’s driving.

    Auxiliary/parking lights:  As long as you are using them for turn signals rather than as parking lights, I’d use #1129 (21 cp) rather than #81 (6 cp).  Another option is #87 (15 cp).

    I have no info on LEDs.



    I will be back in Saratoga Springs in the middle of May.  Please remind then of what bulbs you need, I have a number of them there


    I’ve converted to LED for all rear lights. For headlights I use halogens which I’ve found to be as bright or brighter as conventional 50cp with the same current draw as the original 32 cp. I didn’t use LED’s for headlights as the diodes in the bulb are spread out and  all can’t be placed directly in the focal point of the reflector. I don’t know if that actually makes a tangible difference. I buy from Classic and Vintage bulb from Australia, he has a wide selection, a decent catalog that explains and good quick service.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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