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    Good morning all and thanks for the info you have all helped with via Facebook while awaiting my log in here. I am an experienced restorer, but have just ventured into the Pierce Arrow world for the first time. I know my car is rough compared to most, however it is immensely solid compared to what I have dealt with in my line of work. That being said…. I need a LOT of parts. Most currently, a gas tank, tune-up parts (rotor, points, etc). Also I am looking to start gathering up a parts supply early so I am not sitting and waiting on parts throughout the process. I don’t care what it is, if you have a part for this Ol gal, please let me know what you have and pricing. Thanks so much! John A.


    Desperately need a cap and rotor. ..


    A lot of distributors get changed over the years. Find the Delco part number on your distributor, and post it along with a photo of your existing distributor cap.

    The ’29 and ’30 A and B use a large diameter cap with a flat cover, all spark wires leaving the cap on one side,

    This cap and rotor had become very rare and expensive, So the Pierce Arrow Foundation, had some excellent reproduction caps and rotors made.

    If your distributor is the same as the A and B models, they an new cap and rotor is available new.

    Greg Long






    I sent a PM to John. The Series C has a different distributor, cap, rotor, and points. They are available.


    Richard, that is a nice picture of the distributor/cap, thanks for sharing it on here.


    Going off of the frame tag, mine is a model c, but the pics posted here are definitely the cap I have.


    From the factory the 1930 Series C model’s had just one Coil but many have been changed to two the Coil version over time. From your picture it looks like you have two Coils. Check your Distributor model number to be sure.


    It has 2 coils mounted through the firewall.


    What is your Distributor model Number? as well your Serial, Engine Body Numbers?

    What makes you think you have Series C?


    I agree, need to identify John’s car…….photos of car and the numbers please.


    The frame tag is intact. I looked it up on the decoder and it came up a 1930 Model C BUT I’ll pull the members again tomorrow as well as the distributor numbers.






    Isn’t that the ’29 and earlier mascot?

    Didn’t 30’s have the more upright, sitting archer?

    Not sure which version of that archer it should have, foot on or off the base.


    I think when discussion of this car first came up it was thought to be a 1929 with the helmeted archer.

    I had an extra and provided this one to John.

    I’d be glad to take it back if thought to be incorrect and he doesn’t want it.


    If it is a ’29 then it would be a 133 given the louvered hood and shorter rear door?

    No lenses to look at to match up with a year.


    There is a LOT of ‘blending’ of model features between the ’29 and ’30 models, especially with the ’30 model C.

    The ’29’s had two different sets of headlight lenses. Some Model C’s had louvered hood sides.

    I’ll look at a ’30’s parts manual to see if there are any other cross-over parts.



    Thanks, Greg.

    Good or bad, my ’29 has the super rare headlight lenses and water pump.

    Lucky me. :)

    I’m sure Pierce Arrow used whatever parts they had left over from the previous year during the Depression.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 30 total)
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