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    I just bought a 1930 Pierce Arrow Model A 7 passenger sedan. It has beautiful wood wheels. I am trying to learn about the wire wheel option. I want to get a set of 6 wire wheels. I heard that the same hubcap and beauty ring will switch right over to the 18″ wire wheels. Were the wire wheels generic? Ie fit other brands like Packard or what have you? Thanks for your time. I really appreciate being welcomed into the Pierce community.”


    Wire wheels were more money than the artillery wheels. 1930 wheels are a one year only 18 inch five lug wheel with snap ring. 31 used six lug 18 or 19 inch depending on series. 32 used a drop center 18 inch, then from 33 on all wheels are 17’s. It’s going to be very difficult to find 1930 18 inch wheels. Almost impossible. I would try to find 6 correct wire hubs and have new rims and spokes made.


    John, post a photo of your car please. I like th look of the factory wood wheels on a 1930 closed car.


    Thanks for all your knowledge. I really appreciate it. If you hear of any 1930 proper wire wheels please let me know:-)


    For the record: My 1930 Model A Salon Model Dietrich-bodied convertible sedan originally had 18″ SIX-lug artillery wheels. I have changed to five-lug brake drums and wire wheels but still have the six-lug wood wheels, in case I switch to wood wheels. I agree with Ed M — I like the wood wheel look.


    Hello to All,

    Thanks to everyone in the Pierce Arrow Society for making new members like my son and I feel like old time friends. I have been learning that a set of 1930 Pierce wire wheels a desired feature. If anyone has even a single wire 1930 Pierce wheel that might even need work for sale then please let me know. Thanks again. John and Andrew Fuller 360-961-1706


    I bought Diekmans wires when he went for wood spokes. The model car and the paint chosen, demanded the woods which are beautifully done. An elegant car.

    Then I took his wires and had them respoked in stainless at a fortune. Chroming spoke wheeels doesn’t last as the spokes bend and streach and the chrome peels off after a while. It absolutly made made my car! See 2009 Temecula PAS show. 1930 Model C Sedan, First in Class.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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