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    Item number 180974781367. does anyone know if there are any Pierce Arrow parts on this car? Thanks. Richard


    Engine is a 1929, 3 speed, with emergency brake on drive shaft. !25 HP, with internal timing chain driving generator/water pump. Parts that can be seen are restorable and correct, except of coarse the ‘boattail’. Missing head, (which I have and which is perfect). New owner needs to start collecting parts PDQ. Car will not be a 100 point car, but who cares if the restoration is done well. Bracket headlights are available. Restoration is very do-able (but not by me). Hate to see that fine bodywork destroyed.



    It was my intent to start a new thread but I ended up in this one. Sorry. The wingspan of the Moto Meter I have is well over 6″, and is far more ornate than anything I’ve seen on a low-priced car of the era. There’s an eagle’s head that when pulled forward opens the cap. There is also a shield on the front with the letter “G” on it. Item will e on e-bay Sunday so you can take a look.

    Thanks for the response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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