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    I am looking for a suitable trunk for my recently acquired 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B 5 passenger sedan.  The trunk rack is 16 5/8ths inches by 35 inches.  Ideally, a metal trunk in decent condition which would have been used on a Pierce-Arrow; does not need to have fitted luggage.

    The rack itself seems to be mounted very close to the body.  The issue then becomes the curvature of the body. 2 nd rack picture  On other cars I’ve looked at, the rack is mounted further away from the body and more over the rear bumper.  If I try reversing the rack, the brace doesn’t sit correctly.  There are metal brackets on the car body itself, approximately where the trunk rack is when folded flat.   

    I am wondering as well, as the car did not come with a trunk, whether I have the right rack.



    Hi Michael,

    I received your mail and answered it but the mail didn’t go through. Are your mail box full?

    Best regards

    Oivind Grimsmo



    I checked and my mailbox is not full.  Oivind, I just sent you a pm and suggested another email address.  Thank you.



    Hi Michael,

    You need different brackets that mount the rack to the car.  The brackets you now have are for 134″ WB Model B Roadster and Touring, and Model A 7-Passenger Sedan (bottom of pic).  And you are missing the “S” landau type braces (longer version-be careful -there are many different sizes out there). You need the brackets shown in top of pic. Picture from 1930 Parts Book, below.  (You may be able to trade with someone who needs your brackets (rarer)).

    Best of luck,




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