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    I’m looking for a 2-piece flat distributor cap for a 1931 Pierce Model 42. If you have an extra lying around, let me know!


    I have a used one from a 1935 8 cyclinder. The numbers on the cap are not correct for the firing order, but it works fine.


    A 1935 8 cylinder cap will not work on a ’31 Model 42. The ’31 distributor is Delco 668E and the cap is two piece with a single thumb screw that holds the two pieces together. The ’35 cap is smaller diameter. The Delco cap for ’29-’31 Studebaker President will fit. It is one piece and looks “modern”” compared to the Pierce cap. I’ve attached a photo of the Pierce cap.



    Hemmings is a good source for ignition parts.Check out the services

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    and may suggest sources that will have the part you need.Our parts and

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    be able to use this resource is worth the Society dues.I don’t know

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    I’ve been looking for a bracket that the top rests on,for my Model A

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    8 years,a fellow owner gave me a source.My P.A.s don’t wait that long.

    Tony Costa

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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