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    I have an issue of the “Arrow” that references interior upholstery options for model 41, 42 and 43.

    The reference for model 43 indicates the standard option as #431. Would anyone have a material book to show what this material would look like? Thank you!


    When we visited the AACA library during the PAS tour at the Lancaster National meeting, they had on display for us a few dealer sample fabric books.  I suggest you contact them.  The library is the depository of all the society’s Pierce literature.

    Tom Barrett



    You should contact SMS for upholstery for your car.

    They have an huge assortment of upholstery available, and likely the correct upholstery for your vehicle.



    I would be very careful about dealing with SMS. They supposedely have a mill that weaves to custom orders. May be alright if you don’t mind spending a couple years without communication on your prepaid order. I felt lucky to get a refund after months waiting for material that they originally said was in stock, then after weeks of getting the run around said they had to make it.

    They may be the only game in town at this point for anything besides plain broadcloths. Review the BBB complaints before ordering.


    I had a very bad experience dealing with SMS. I would not recommend them.


    It is too bad that you guys (Jim & Bob) had bad experiences with SMS.

    I didn’t know any better, and waiting for 6-months to a year was no big deal at the stage I  was in at refurbishing my 1925 Series 80, 7-Passenger DeLuxe Sedan.

    I had many mechanical matters to attend to, and the upholstery was #6 on my list.

    I was just happy to receive the fabric and then have my upholstery Gent (Petter D.) install it on the front and rear seats.  I have plenty of extra for finishing the project when I decide to have Petter re-cover the interior door panels.


    I forgot to mention above that in my dealings with SMS, I sent them a 2” square piece of my disintegrating seat material, and they Beautifully Recreated It!

    The material that they created for my Series 80, had  4 -> 6 different colored threads (anyway) and has been approvingly commented upon by many PAS Gents and Ladies.

    I had a good experience with them


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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