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    John Dillman


    Hi, John,

    My ’31 parts manual says the hub caps are the same for all models and wheel types. Usable cores do show up on Ebay occasionally. If you’re not in a hurry that’s a good way to go. Of course if someone responds to your post then you’re in business right away.

    Good luck,



    Actually, there are two different hubcaps. I assume you have a hubcap, or some hubcaps which are the same. One hubcap has a concave dip around the edge, the other is flat from the hub up to the crowned center. It has been my experience that wood wheel cars (from photographs) were fitted with the concave edge caps. This is not etched in stone, and both types of caps are accepted on both types of wheels, as far as I know. Tony


    Bill & Tony,
    Thanks for the information, I was able to locate a good core through another helpful PAS member.

    John Dillman

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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