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    Is anyone familiar with the condition of the 1932 Pierce-Arrow for sale on eBay? The car is in Markham, Illinois.



    I live in the Chicago area and I’ve never seen this car. Photos tell me it’s a 20 footer and could be a driver after the usual maintenance after a long dormancy. There were no photos of the engine compartment, which is a minus.

    Big sedans are the BEST tour cars because you can roll up the windows when it rains and you can carry a lot of stuff in the back seat area.

    Good luck.




    There was a 1932 Pierce Arrow on craigslist months ago that might have been this car. The owner was in far eastern Kentucky or Tennessee and wanted $30K for it. It wasn’t running because it had sat a long time and he couldn’t get the carburetor correctly rebuilt. I wish I had saved the pictures, because under the hood was a real mess. The rear bumper was in the same condition as the one pictured. This fellow wasn’t a Pierce Arrow guy; if someone knowledgeable got a hold of the car it may have been a relatively easy task to get it operable again. Good luck in your search.



    If it has a broken exhaust manifold and a bad UUR2 carb it could cost 5 k just to get it started.


    VIN provided (230740) is actually engine number consistent with 1932 model 54. This car does not seem to be listed in the club vehicle register.


    So, does anyone know who finally ended up with this Pierce? It sold yesterday for $27,400, pretty good deal I think. I would like to have bid on it but my wife made it very clear, no more toys. Hopefully it was a fellow P-A member.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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