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    Hi, my name is Joe Hardin and I am a new comer and i am very interested in these cars. I grew up in the late sixties and was a muscle car fanatic. I have owned and restored a few, mostly hemi mopars. They got very pricey for what they are and I lost interest. I always wanted a coupe and last year I purchased a 1929 Hupmobile cabriolet six wheel coupe which i drive a ton and really love. I never realized what great machines the cars of this era are and what I was missing. I am wanting a bigger and more powerful car and have spotted a 1932 PA coupe that I am interested in. The car was bought at auction over ten years ago and basically been stored. I am a nut about details especially when you get into a higher priced car like this. I was hoping someone would recognize this car and hopefully know a good bit of history on it. It went through a very extensive restoration at one time and the owner thinks it may have come from the north east . Any help would be greatly appreciated or any lead on another coupe of late twenties to early thirties that is for sale would be great.

    I have been in the steel fab and welding buss for thirty plus years and if any one needs any help in this area I will be glad to help. I will throw on a couple of picts of a bike i built from bone scratch along with the car picts.

    Thanks for your time

    Joe 928 241 1490


    Joe, I own a 32 coupe and have been keeping track of them for the past 5 years. I do not know this car and have never seen a photo. To get an answer please post the engine and chassis number. That way we can look up the car in the PAS files. Also where the car currently is would help. If you want to keep the information private, email me. Looks like a great car from the photos. If you can email me photos I would be happy to comment. Good luck. Ed.


    I believe that it is S/N 1050732 and was owned by Phil Capozzoli (NY) in 1993 when it made it’s debut at the Lake George meet. A photo of the car can be found in the meet issue (93-3). The restoration was outstanding.


    I spoke to Joe, had a nice conversation. I missed the 93 meet so I have never seen this car in person.


    I talked to Ed and got some great advice and learned a lot. I plan to make it to ok. in a few days and look at the car and I will keep everyone informed. Paul,s history of the car helped also and I think Ed has pictures of when it was pulled out of a barn. I am excited !!!

    take care



    Welcome to the PAS.

    Looks like a very nice addition to your collection.



    Have Ed tell you what he does to prepare his ’32 for

    Watkins Glen Race Track. It really screams(which is

    what I was doing that day).


    Tony, your just saying that because you still want me to buy you a new set of shorts! Don’t forget the torque display going up the hill with the V-12. It was a great week!


    I won’t dignify those last comments. After all, I belong

    to a prestigious Society.


    Ed, Tony and all I think it is wonderful that you guys and gals view these as running driving machines and not something you polish wax and just look at. I don,t care what car I own or how much it is suppose to be worth I am going to drive it. I had to see the coupe so friday I left home at 4:00 in the mourning and drove to Tulsa about eighty for 14 hrs.

    Dam long drive but when I saw the car it was well worth it. I got to say the first time you lay hands on a car like that it kind of makes an plymouth road runner seem a little insignificant and I have had a bunch of mopars.

    The car has had a full body off nut and bolt restoration from bumper to bumper and the paint and interior looks like something you would head to Pebble Beach with. The inside of the fenders feels like new and it feels like there was never even a stone dent in them. The paint is buffed lacquer like nothing i have never owned. Oh well I could

    go on for ever but this is my first pierce so you will just have to put up with it.

    Take care and I will keep you posted



    That’s a handsome car in beautiful shape, let us know when you get it home!!


    Joe…..drive it like you stole it! Ed

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