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    GO RYAN !!

    We’re all rootin’ for ya.

    I really hope you can make it yours.

    Richard is right — no one deserves it more than you.

    Good luck, and come to the meet to tell us the tale.

    — Luke


    I don’t think Ryan ever said that he’s going to bid on the car at the auction?

    That’s a shame to have someone in the family willing to step up and buy, yet the family says no.

    I, too, hope he ends up with it….


    Hope he gets it. He did say he would try a few weeks ago. Looks like a car with sorting could be a good driver.


    Dear Ryan – I sincerely hope you get this car, if nothing else, to carry on the family memories! This is the right thing for your cousin to do-sell it to you at a reasonable price. This club is full of all kinds of helpful, honest, and kind people – as you can see above – with lots of really good advice.

    I agree – your best bet is if you can get it to the Pierce Meet in two weeks.

    I think it’s a great car and I would bid on it myself if I knew you didn’t want it. I think it’s best for you to have it – it’s your family’s car!

    I sincerely hope you can win over your cousin to sell it to you. Please keep us all posted on the outcome because I think a lot of folks here would like to see you end up with the car !

    Darren Farnesi


    Car was passed on at $26,500…no sale.


    Perhaps now he will be able to make them a reasonable offer and they will accept. Hope to see you in IN in a few days Ryan!


    That was MORE than a fair offer, and I expect if it were run again somewhere it wouldn’t do as well. You first sale at an auction is ALWAYS you best chance to sell. Maybe the family will see clear to getting him the car at a fair number. The auction price would have netted the family 22k.


    I ended up with the car with an after auction purchase and I am working on having the car at annual meet.



    Congratulations! You will enjoy the group. I look forward to meeting and seeing your Pierce at a future meet.



    Ryan, thats great news. You are the kind of guy the whole Pierce Arrow Society is made of….

    Take advantage of all the knowledge and help this group has to offer……we will give you all the support,

    advice and wrench turning you will need to fully enjoy that car.



    Congratulations on getting the car!

    You look right at home in the driver’s seat.

    The experts here in the PAS will have you motoring along for many trouble free miles to come.


    Fantastic news……..glad you got the car. As it should be, a family car belongs with the younger generations. Hope to see you and the car at the meet. FYI, a club member recently started parting out an identical car, so if you need any parts or spares, you should inquire right away. All my best, Ed


    Beautiful car! Eager to see it and meet you!


    Excellent ending to an interesting story! Hope to see you at the meet!





    We hope to see you and your Pierce-Arrow in Indiana.



    Ryan, get on the horn right away and buy a few tubes for the tires. If you want to drive it, you need to be prepared for flats, and cars that sit for long periods of time often have tube issues. I would carry two at the minimum. As for everything else, if you make it to the meet with the car, you will have a bunch of helpful people showing you the ropes of owning a Pierce Arrow. Welcome to the club and our “Pierce Arrow family”!


    Congratulations! Very sorry you had to go through all those hoops, but it may help to keep peace in the family that outsiders had a fair chance at the car. I think this was the best possible outcome for you, never mind all the angst getting there.

    Please make every possible effort to bring yourself and the car to the Meet, because you have made a lot of friends here who are eager to help you.



    Look forward to meeting you in Pokagon.



    I met Ryan at the Auction field, and we looked the car over together, As did John Steckbeck, who was talking with Ryan when I arrived.

    The car in person is almost black, it takes direct sunlight to show the blue hue in the paint.. Funny how the photos here and on the Auction website show it to be a deep blue, not an almost=black..

    The car is a WONDERFUL original car, The paint, interior, plating, all appear to be original. I spoke with Ryan after the sale, and let him know i had a place for him to bring and park the car at the Pokagon park.

    The car is a very nice, very complete aged but not abused car. It must have been always stored inside.

    Example: the ’32 running boards have the ribbed rubber vulcanized directly to the steel surface of the runningboard. So when the rubber inevitably shrinks, cracks and splits, water gets through the cracks and gets trapped between the rubber cover and the steel. The steel quickly rusts away, and soon someone steps through the running board.

    On Ryan’s car, the steel is perfect, I looked at both sides from underneath and there is no rust on the underside of the runninboards. Just older painted metal, old chipped paint.. perfect.

    Congratulations Ryan !!

    Greg Long..


    I want to thank everyone for their continued interest in this saga. I am overwhelmed by the support that the society members are providing. I will get some new tire tubes after I can get the car in my hands. I might try and drive it from Auburn to Pokagon for the annual meet, if the timing works out. I am eager to begin going through the mechanical aspects of the car to ensure that everything is in reliable working condition, but I am busy planning an extension on to my garage so I can store the car in a proper environment.

    Big thanks to Greg Long who has been a welcome guide and a reservoir of information regarding not only things related to the Pierce, but also the pitfalls of buying and selling through the auction.

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