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    The crank at the base of the front bench seat what is its function?


    Hi Ron,

    The crank moves the bench seat forward and backward.

    Happy Holidays,



    Hello Bob, thanks for your response! I assumed that the crank fulfilled that function. The problem remains that the crank works but other that cranking both forward and backward it doesn’t appear that it connected to any seat or spring part that would facilitate the bench seat to operate correctly. Any photos, ideas or suggestions? Merry Christmas!!!


    If you remove the bench seat you should be able to see if it is attached. You should also be sure the slide rail that the seat sits on should be lubricated so it can slide freely. You may also need to “help it” by pushing the seat to get it started. These seats have not been moved for a long time so may require some tinkering to get them moving.


    Robert Reeves



    Only the bottom cushion of the seat moves.  Usually there is a wood ‘cleat’ that holds the base of the seat cushion in the movable base.

    But I have also seen one part of the crank/screw/nut setup not attached properly or screws have pulled out.  I agree with Robert Reeves:: remove the seat bottom cushion and turn the crank and watch what is or is not happening.

    It’s much easier to look at it than trying to describe what it is supposed to do.

    Greg Long


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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