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    I notice someone has a 1932 PA Roadster for sale at $35,500. Phone is 239-233-5541 and email is yourclassicboat.com


    That’s actually a website http://www.yourclassicboat.com You can find it in the boats for sale column on the right.

    To me, the car looks like a conversion from a coupe. I didn’t know there were any 32 model 54 roadsters.

    See for yourself




    Bill is correct, it is a conversion. The door design is wrong, the rear deck area is all wrong, and the top is strange looking..

    It’s an engine, running gear, hood and front fenders.

    I received and looked over a batch of photos from the seller.

    Greg L


    Gene, good eye for the tip. Bill and Greg, good eye on the conversion. From the pictures, even the rear gray color looks off from the rest.



    I saw the pictures of this car a couple of months ago, and shared with Ed, he agreed that it was a conversion. As he also said, it’d be a fun car for about half that price or less……

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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