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    Can anyone direct me to information regarding interchanging a 1932 V12 cylinder head and 1933 V12 cylinder head?

    I have a 1932 Model 51 V12 with a cracked head! I have found a few 1933 heads but no 1932’s




    Below is a table of the various cylinder heads from  Service Bulletin 89-2. Strangely, it doesn’t list the Model 51. (same as 52?) The number/letter in the column “Mark” is stamped on a small flat (1″ long) in front of the water outlet. This will tell you what head you have and you can identify other heads as to which ones they are.  One other thing to note, in 1932 and ’33 cap screws were used to hold the head on. In ’34 Pierce switched to studs with a nut. The earlier engines have a locator pin in the block and a corresponding hole in the head (roughly enter of the head), the stud engines do not have this pin or the hole in the head.

    Another PASB article mentioned that the small ’32 12 heads are specific to that model and others won’t interchange.

    I have a cracked head on my ’33 1247. The spare head that came with the car is a ’34, without the locator hole. The two cracks run from the spark plug hole down the head (about 2″). I have done a temporary fix to keep the car operational with JB Weld. So far, no leaks. I do plan on replacing or repairing the head.

    It is possible to have the head repaired.  “Lock and Stitch” is well known for successful repairs. There are also welders that can weld cast iron successfully. John Cislak is a likely source for a head.  413/543-9017  Email: [email protected]



    Call John Cislak in the PAS roster, he may be able to help you out.

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