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    I just talked to Klass Kollection exhaust,about mufflers for my 1247 and they said I need one 14 inch resonator one 22 inch muffler and one 29 3/4 inch muffler. I was under the impression that a 1933 1247 had two mufflers, a short one and a 6 ft. muffler. What is the right way to go ? I know no one makes a 6 ft. muffler and this car is to be driven, not a trailer queen. Do I need all three? Or should I just add a muffler to the 1948 6 inch round Buick muffler that is on it. Thanks Doug


    I just went out and measured the 48 buick muffler and it is 36 x 6 inches and in good shape. I could just add one more muffler or the resonator and wrap it. Doug



    I have a ’33 1236 that has two mufflers. One is short and the other is about 6 feet long. They were made by Waldron’s Antique exhaust.


    Thanks Art, After hearing from several of you I decided to install two . A 14 inch resonator and a five foot long muffler. Several people have mufflers ranging from five to six feet. After looking at the space under the car , I decided that five feet would fit the best. I ordered one made up from Klassic Kollections last week for $110. which is what I would pay at napa for a smaller one . I plan on wrapping the whole thing. I am having fun and getting to know my car better than if I just took it to a restoration shop and had someone else to work on it. I love working on the cars. Doug


    I’m up to speed on mufflers for my early Pierce,but am confused about

    ’30’s exhaust systems.Weren’t they tuned by length to remove sound and

    back pressure?Did the mufflers get made without”guts””.Shouldn’t we be

    very concerned about replacing our exhaust system with as close a

    replacement as we can find?Where do we go to inform ourselves about

    what is right on the car.Is there any outfit that will do an exact

    replica.Will I lose performance if I just go to a muffler shop and

    go for the longest 2 or 3 mufflers that fit(that probably have


    Tony Costa”


    The new muffler and resonator are the biggest and most heavy duty I have ever seen.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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