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    <b> These quality reproduction lenses made for the Pierce-Arrow Museum are back in stock, but only for the last 4 sets available to be produced from our mold. All proceeds benefit the Museum.</b>

    These are high quality correct left and right sets in a durable clear acrylic. Will not yellow! We have sold many sets with no complaints and now this is your last chance. If you have a good set of glass lenses, they are  VERY rare and costly to replace.

    If you do much touring, consider putting them in safe storage and tour with the reproductions. When mine were damaged by a well known transporter almost 24 years ago back in 2000, they paid $2,000 for two lefts because nobody had a glass set to sell…and they hand carried them to me from the West Coast rather than risk shipping them.

    You can have a pair of these fine reproductions for only $700 plus $20 shipping in USA. Call Dave at 231-740-3610.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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