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    Think in California, go to AACA forums buy/sell for phone number, neat truck! David Coco Winchester Va.


    That’s the Model 13S385 truck owned by PAS member Vince Martinico in Auburn, CA (contact info in roster section of this website). I have not seen the truck myself, but I corresponded with Vince when he first acquired it. That truck is also the subject of a one-page article in Arrow #75-4, and the 13S385 catalog page (photo + specs) is on the rear cover of that issue. This truck uses the 385 cid 8-cylinder engine. The ’13’ in the model designation indicates 13,000 lbs gross weight, and the ‘385’ is, of course, the engine displacement in cubic inches.



    Sorry–I neglected to give credit where credit is due. When Vince first contacted us, it was Paul Jacobs who developed not only the model ID but also the Arrow #75-4 reference for this specific truck.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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