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    1933 coupe with rumble seat listed as a club sedan is for sale. said to have built for the Chicago

    Worlds Fair. If any member is considering to purchase this car, you should call me . Leo—586-752-6662.


    are there photos of the car?



    Second car top row, yellow sport coupe.



    A lovely style, but it is kind of YELLOW, do you think!

    Need sunglasses to look at that puppy.


    Leo: I remember a wonderful day at Meadowbrook, you and Joand with this car, and Claire and I with the ’36. I swore the car was an 8 cylinder, wasn’t it?


    You are correct my car was an 8 cyl. I sold my car to D.U. Howard of San Antonio .He changed it to a 12. I am 99% certain that this my former car. I can tell you more but I am a poor & slow typist.


    I was at Meadowbrook for that show too, I really loved that car. But I remember the ‘controversy’ about it starting life as an 8, an 836 and it ‘became’ a 1236.

    A little too ‘YELLOW’ for my tastes, but I remember it looks better ‘in person’ than in the photos.

    Greg L


    At Meadowbrook the car won ‘Peoples Choice”.The yellow was a lighter shade and there were three shades of yellow. Body, fenders and belt-line were all different. Mr. Howard Used two yellows and much brighter yellows.

    It drove like a modern car and the brakes were superb.


    From what I can remember, it’s a late series Seagrave motor extensively modified with a modern Holly carb. I was told it ran great, but it’s a stretch to call it a Pierce Arrow….. it’s more like a resto-rod. It may also have electronic ignition and other mods, but I can’t remember.


    This picture may have been taken at the 2011 Keels and Wheels show in Seabrook, Texas. I recall that the car had a 12 cylinder engine and that the owner was listed as from San Antonio. Although I no longer remember his name, he was at that time a PAS member, and I e-mailed him and said that I hoped he would bring the car back for future Keels and Wheels shows because it was so pretty. I never received a reply, nor did the car return the next year.


    The URL below is for a picture of the Pierce-Arrow at Keels and Wheels that I mentioned above. You have to go down a bit on the page to see it. It is yellow!! If I’m not submitting the URL properly and you can’t bring the picture up, I apologize.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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