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    Does anyone know if the front axles on ’33 and ’35 cars are the same?





    Bill, I don’t know if this helps. Trying to interpret the ’34-’35 parts book, the part number for the whole front axle assembly with brakes is 704613.

    Something listed as “axle, center” is 704563. I am speculating that is the actual axle forging, but don’t know. If you have ’33 part numbers for specific items we could compare to the ’34-’35 parts.



    Hi Bill & Jim,

    The ’33 Part numbers are different (don’t know why): assy wiith brakes: 703074 (836), 703076 (1236), and 703842 (1242/1247).

    “Center axle” is 703227  (836 & 1236) and 703821 (1242 & 1247).






    Jim and Bob

    Well, Doesn’t look promising with the center axle numbers being different although it could be something as simple as changing a bolt size or length.

    Changing a forging that size would have been expensive I would bet.

    Other parts Steering knuckles (2) 704190, knuckle arms 703216/17

    The reason I am doing this is I am doing the frame at my house where I have a ’35 front and am trying to keep from having to take the ’35, go to the storage place, remove the ’33 axle from my other frame (which is under the body), replace it with the ’35 and then have to bring the ’33 home to work on. Lazy I guess, but those suckers are heavy.

    Thanks for your help


    They should interchange………hardware and brake system components may not. It’s one of those thing that sounds easy, till you remember that Pierce Arrow never but two consecutive cars the same………….


    In the ’34-’35 the knuckle assemblies are listed as 704498. I don’t know how much 836A has to do with 836, but 836A is listed as 705051, and the notes indicate 836A had shorter steering knuckle arms 6 1/4″ center to center holes with 703216/703217 part numbers, but replacements should use the “latest type” used on 840/845 1240/1245 that are longer 7 1/8″, part numbers 704630/704631, so those should be interchangeable.

    836A also used that same 704563 center axle. It appears that besides the steering knuckles the only difference in the 836A was different wheel bearings. The brake parts are all listed as the same part numbers between 836A and 840/845 1240/1245. For example the front right brake assembly is listed as 704604.

    I am guessing that as long as the distance between left and right spring mount holes are the same that complete axle assemblies would  interchange.


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