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    I need some help before I buy one from N.C. Industries located in PA.

    The company has 2 patterns……for the 1933.

    Both fit the 836 and the 1236. I have a 836 club sedan. I do not have the original frame to send them. Their prices are reasonable but have 3 month to 5 month waiting time. I need to place a order soon .

    1. QUESTION IS: are ALL of the 1933 pierce-Arrow front windshield frames on closed cars the same? ( they dont know) AND has anyone bought from this Co. ? Thank you for your opinions. Regards Richard


    Correction. I have the 1933 club brougham. Richard


    Hi Richard,

    As far as the parts book goes, it looks like all closed 836/1236 had the same w/s, except the coupe and coupe/roadster. I don’t know why N/C has 2 patterns. I can’t find the number I used for my ’33 836 7-p right now (Rich Lange used the same one for his 5-p 1236), but maybe it’ll turn up later.



    It’s possible that the variant is for 1242 & 1247. They are not the same as the shorter wheelbase cars in many respects.



    It’s possible that the variant is for 1242 & 1247. They are not the same as the shorter wheelbase cars in many respects.



    Thanks for the info, I will wait before placing a order for a w/s frame and hope someone on this message board can come up with a part # that has bought one for the 1933. I will call the N.C. Industries co. in 2 weeks and try to find out the difference in the 2 patterns they offer and share what I find out. Perhaps the computer shows 2 patterns when they may only have one?




    I talked to NC also. Kevin was going to get the prints out and see what the difference is. Should know next week.



    Thanks Bill, Kevin is the one I talked to also. He was nice and I called late in day about closing time. Let me know what the outcome is. Im going to buy one but I dont need to buy 2 to get one. Regards Richard.


    Bill if you have the original w/s frame to send them they will copy it. My problem is: I dont have one to send them. Hopefully Kevin can track it down?.



    N C is taking about 8 months right now to knock out a frame. I placed my order June 1st and it will be done late Feb. Ed Minnie


    Hi Louis. Thanks for the offer of the w/s frame. I believe the 33 and 34 w/s frames are different. I know several 1933 car owners that have bought from NC and I think that Kevin will find out what the differenc is in the 2 patterns that NC offers. I will call NC in a week to find out. Best Richard


    Ok, I talked with Kevin and here are the 2 styles he says he has for ’33

    Style 1 (he lists as a 33 Club Sedan)

    Curved sides 14 1/16″, top 48 7/8″, bottom 46″ at points. Might have to reuse your top.

    Style 2

    Straight sides 11 3/4″, top 44 7/8″, bottom 43″ Might have to use old top or substitute hinge?

    If they reuse the top it is $400 for the Curved and $350 for the straight.

    Plating if they reuse top is $200 base plus whatever the plater quotes for plating the old top. With new hinge is $250.


    Hi Bill, thanks for the info. The 1933 pierce arrow club brougham is Style # 1. Regards Richard


    My 33 836 5 passenger has the curved w/s.

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