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    Does anyone out there own an original (never repainted) 1934 840A, 1240A or 1248A grille shell (on or off a car)?

    I would like to see the exact paint/chrome boundary line configuration (masked, abrupt edge or feathered, etc.)

    Sharp close-up photos would be perfect!




    1934 was a fully chromed shell.  1935 was a painted shell except for a chrome ridge around the border of the grill.

    When  I restored a 35 coupe, I couldn’t bear to paint the beautiful chrome on shell. I think that might be a reason one sees 1935 cars with all chrome shells.

    Of course, the old caveat, to sell a car the factory or dealer would do it any way you wished, as long as greenbacks flowed…



    I wish I had an answer, maybe someone out there does. I did mine a few months ago and have a definite ridge where the paint meets the chrome. I don’t know how that could be avoided, perhaps minimized by keeping the paint very thin near the edge.

    Could possibly clear coat over the chrome but doesn’t seem like a good solution and of course wasn’t done that way originally.

    Mine was stripped and chromed decades ago but it had enough surface rust that I only had it ground and polished where the chrome shows.

    As you know, having the whole shell chromed was a factory option. I think the standard painted shell was done to accentuate the length of the hood and avoid breaking up the lines with vertical surfaces.

    I was surprised to learn in the Pierce literature that painted shutters were actually the baseline standard and chromed shutters were a $25 option. Since very few ’35’s seem to have had painted shutters, I speculate that they were usually chromed and used as a sales sweetner, “I’ll throw in the optional chrome shutters for free!” Sort of like the heater “option” in later years.



    Hi Bob here are some pictures of 1934 club sedan La Barron  sorry it is very dirty. This car was at Pebble Beach 2010 I think . I know you asked asked for original which I do not have but am pretty sure Dad would have followed the best available information to keep as it came new.


    Service Bulletin 75-4 indicates that the radiator shell side on 1934 and 1935 cars was painted body color.  On the original cars that I have seen the sides of the radiator shell are painted body color.


    In the photo is shown painted louvers body color and body color side of shell with chrome only on front of shell.

    The whole shell was chromed then sides and top painted. the high detail of the close up shows less than perfect masking



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