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    I have a friend with a 1934 pierce-arrow 8 lebaron convertible sedan for sale. he thinks it is one of a kind, as a previous owner told him it was. supposedly in the browining collection for years. it is a nice older/original car. the serial number is 2080338, it has lebaron tags and shows body number 168-92. doe anyone know anything about this car? history,etc. I thought lebaron conv. sedans were only on the 12 cylinder cars. any information really appreciated.


    I can give you the name and number of a person who knows the car’s history. My cell is 413-530-5712 9 to 5 , or home 413-547-2686 after 6pm.


    Robert…..can you tell us what your friend is asking for the car ? and where is it located ? Thanks…Rich Anderson


    I talked with Ray, the fellow who is brokering this car for sale. He gave me a description of the car and will be sending photos. He claims its the only LeBaron Pierce existing for 1934 and that he thinks its an unrestored original car.

    I asked him the price. He said he is selling it for the daughter of his friend who died. She wants $250K for the car. Ray thinks a good offer might buy it. I think some authentication of what this really is needs to be done so no one gets taken when they buy it.


    It’s definitely not the only LaBaron Pierce from 1934, if you call this car a LaBaron to begin with. There is a 34 1248 LaBaron Club Sedan on the West coast that took a trophy at Pebble Beach this year. As to this 1933, it’s a “batch” body, and they were never sold a true customs, and the cars came with Pierce coachwork tags on them. The number 168-92 is not a LaBaron number that shows up in any paperwork I have from Bridgeport or Detroit. There is a 33 in New York with the same body, and the owner does not list it as LaBaron in the CCCA directory. I believe all these cars are judged in the production class in the CCCA. There is no doubt that these convertible sedans had been designed by LaBaron, and the first batch was certainly made in Bridgeport and shipped in the white to Pierce, but as far as I know none of them were sold, advertised, or badged with LaBaron tags. I think these cars fall under the same category as the “factory” bodied Dietrich bodied Packard’s. They are great cars under any circumstance and no matter what you call them. I sure would like to own one someday.


    By the way….. did you ever notice all the interesting Pierce Arrows have had their tires kicked by Bob Sands? Not too many cars from the 30’s have gotten past him in the last 45 years.. ;-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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