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    Just wondering if there is any interest in going ahead with a project to reproduce the vent window (trim) corners. Of course, the more that give notice in wanting these-the lower the cost. These clips are used on the 1934 through 1938 front door vent windows. If made, they will be repro’d in stainless steel-as original.

    Bob Sands


    Bob, I am interested. C. Louis Abelove


    Bob, please count me in for 2 sets. George Teebay


    Please count me in-thanks Bob



    My cut-rate “34 836A is lacking this part and looks perfectly

    normal.Can anyone inform me as to whether it came with these trim





    Pierce didn’t skimp one bit putting the 836A on the market. Actually much too much went into producing a cheaper model as such. So, yes, your vent windows had these corner clips.

    I’ll check with the shop Monday, get a price, and post it here.





    Thank you for your response.By cut-rate,I wasn’t demeaning the 836A

    quality.It’s the smaller cube motor,the solid lifters,the lonely single

    tail-light,the lack of dual sidemounts,and the most degrading….the

    absence of a nude archer to guide my way.Even the tierod ends don’t


    I believe I need the clips.I await your posting.

    Tony Costa



    This is the latest on the vent window clips. Twenty were made and 18 are available. The price is $32.25 each (2 needed for each window). Plus I’d charge $5.00 for S/H and insurance (whether one (or more), per envelope, per order). This isn’t a shelf item. No more will be made unless a sizeable order is placed. Let me know.



    If I understand correctly for two front windows, I owe you ($32.25 x 4)+$5.00SH=$134…. confirm and I will send you a check!

    thanks Bob


    Bob, when I said “two sets” earlier in the thread, I should have said I need sets for two cars–meaning that I need eight (8)clips. Will send a check ASAP incl s&h. If you’re coming to the meet, I can pick up there if it’s better for you. Otherwise, please don’t ship till after the meet.

    VBR, George


    John, Correct $134.00

    Sure George, I can do that.





    I would like to pick up a set for one car(4 clips) at The P.A. Meet

    in Rochester if you get this message in time.

    Thanks,Tony Costa


    Hi Tony,

    All the clips made in this first batch were mailed out earlier this week and should be in the hands of the buyers-by now. We would need an order of 20 clips (again) to make this happen again.



    Hi, Bob: I could use 16 clips.

    C. Louis Abelove



    With Tony Costa’s order combined with Louis Ableloves’ we have enough to make another run of these clips. If anyother Member would like any, then Please, let me know ASAP. I’ll wait until next Monday (August 2nd) before placing the order. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME FOR THESE CLIPS.





    I’m a little late placing this order for the vent window clips. Like I’ve stated, this will be the last time I’m going to place the order.

    To date I have the following on order:

    Jim Ochsner…….4 clips

    Tony Costa……..4 “

    Jack Combs……..6 “

    Louis Ablelove..,16 “

    If there are any additions, or deletions, let me know ASAP. I’ll place the order tomorrow afternoon (April, 17)


    no more clips?I need 4


    Bob: I haven’t heard if those clips are ready for shipment, but I am sending a check in the amount of $521.00 for the 16 clips I ordered plus $5.00 for shipping. If I am in error, please let me know. Louis


    I haven’t checked with the company that is repoducing these clips, for quite some time. Will do so in the morning and post their answer.

    Greg, like i’ve stated; I’ll check tomorrow and if they haven’t made them, I will add your 4 to the total.



    Still on “hold!” My contact at the company repoducing these clip–“had the day off.” Will check again tomorrow. If anyone is interested in buying any of these clips, PLEASE, let me know ASAP. They will not be made again.


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