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    Found this today…….




    and another……


    try this…..


    still more…..


    Some great pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for the eye candy! Are the brake drums the body color on

    the ’35 conv. show car?


    I don’t get it? Why are they showing a 1935 convertible at the Chicago Automobile Show-November 16–23, 1935? The new 1936 Models had been out for at least a month.

    Not a complaint, really like the photo. Thanks Ed.


    The babe could be better looking!


    She is very HEALTHY to say the least… not a very flattering dress either…


    ANY woman who drives a 1935 Pierce V-12 convertible IS HOT. Look at thoes big headlights, curvy fendars and wonderful bumpers……. and hey…. there a chick there too! Ed


    You have a point Ed, any woman that can drive a Pierce is a woman after my own heart, but you know how tight those driver compartments can be, I don’t think she would fit behind the steering wheel!…


    Hey, Bob,

    I’m gonna guess that this was a promotional photo for the auto show and would have been done much prior to the actual show. The ’36 cars may not have been available by the photo deadline.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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