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    Anyone seen these or have more information?

    BaT Exclusive: 1936 Pierce Arrow Coupe and Limo Projects




    Go to: http://aaca.org/

    once on the Club (AACA) website, on the right you’ll see “FORUM” Hit that, then scroll down (way down) to PIERCE-ARROW

    On March 3, 2010 The question was: “Cost of a 1936 Pierce-Arrow V-12 Engine.”

    There is some information on these cars.


    I talked with this fellow last fall about these two cars. He said he had access to a V12 engine….but it turned out to be from a fire truck in the 50’s and not correct + he wanted another $2500 for it. At the time he was asking close to $45K for both cars. After some negotations he sounded willing to cut that price by over 50%….buyer beware !!


    The body tags seems to be:



    260013x (can’t read the last digit)

    is it possible to dig out more information ?


    Those are both 1936 1601 “8” cylinder numbers.The larger serial

    number indicates a 144″ wheelbase.The coupe is the 226th car built

    out of 403 on the 139″ chassis.The sedan(or limo.)was the 138th out

    of 207 on the longer wheelbase.

    This info.from The Serial Number Book For U.S. Cars 1900-1975,

    page 208.


    This is what they look like. Picture 1.


    Picture 2


    God help us. The limo is worse than the one I gave to Bob Sands when I had to move.


    Can I be next in line for a Pierce Arrow give away? I would prefer your 31 first and the 36 as a good second. I am available most any time with truck and trailer. By the way, the limo in the photo is a much better car than what I started with on my 1936 1602 club sedan. Thanks, Ed


    It is in a situation like this that you have to ask yourself, what do you do?..

    Do you look at these cars and say, I have the means necessary to restore these back to original condition, or do you look at these and say, those two cars would make great street rods!…

    I have already stated that I am a purist, and, if I had the means necessary to restore both of these cars back to original condition, I would.

    What would you do?…


    I vote that Bob Sands buys them…… they will be 100 points before you know it!


    At one time,antique cars were just junk and were worth little or

    nothing.A few very weird(visionary?)folks stepped up to the plate and

    saved them from destruction.As time passed,people became aware that

    the neighbor had been traded a new car for their 1906 Fartmobile.With

    this increase of value came the possibility of dumping some hard earned

    cash to restore the jalopy.

    We as hobbiests and collectors are saviors.Our efforts encouraged the

    general population to hold on to obsolete cars,rather than junk them.

    We are now challenged by a group who take victims from this dwindling

    pool of survivors.They compete in the market place and raise prices

    beyond what we can justify.They remove demand for services and

    suppliers that restoration(this word has even been bastardized)needs.

    Hot rod these two?The cost of bringing them back in a hot rod shop

    would curl your toes!Some less cost than restoration,but not that much.

    I believe the coupe is viable at a “reasonable” price.I would rather

    see the sedan give up its vital organs so that another Pierce could

    live.This may be an economic path for the next owner.If it is hot

    rodded,there isn’t even a 2% chance it will return to original.

    That being said,the Bad Boy in me likes “some” customs and rods.Who

    cares if future generations believe Grandma and Grandpa motored to the

    general store for staple goods in a rat-rod with a skull on the shift



    It is my unenlightened guess that these two cars could be bought for $20K for the pair. At $10K each it makes them somewhat affordable. Clearly the purchase price is small in comparison to the cost of restoring them. I hope someone steps in and saves them from rust, rot and rodding.

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