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    I was hoping that one of the society members would have specific information regarding the 1936 Delux 4 door that was offered on ebay by Gullwing Motors until this evening when it failed to meet reserve with a high bid of $16,300. I’ve followed this car for well over a year starting with their initial asking price of $36,500, and then again when it didn’t meet reserve at Auburn, and recently when the price was dropped to $29,500.

    Is anyone aware of any problems that might plague this respectable looking Pierce?

    Thank you,

    Joe Malone



    Hi Joe, I know the last owner of the car before the dealer got it. If you like, call me today(Thurs) from 9am to 1pm eastern time, and I will tell you about the car. Ed 413-530-5712


    When it was at auburn last, I looked it over well. it needs just about everything. the interior is worn and stained, and worse, smells very bad, like the car was submerged or in a flood.

    The paint is marginal, really needs a paintjob.

    and most of the chrome is rusted and pitted.

    I’d say the last high bid on ebay was more than enough to pay for it..

    You really need to go see the car.

    I also saw the ’29 2dr Brougham that Gullwing had on ebay.. at auburn it brought 12,500 and was passed, on ebay 11,900 and didn’t meet reserve.

    This ’29 is in better condition than the ’36, but still needs just about everything. It could get by with some bandaids and be a ‘driver’ but only if bought for less than say 17k ???

    Greg Long

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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