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    Our 1936 1601 sedan Driver’s door has suddenly ceased to latch. The latch arm is no longer spring loaded and doesn’t pop out when the handle is released.

    1)Is there a replaceable spring and are replacements available?

    2)Can this be repaired without pulling off the door panel and upholstery?

    3) Is there a quick temporary fix to get us through next week’s tour?

    Thanks for any advice!



    1. Yes, but you would have to match it up, or find

    someone who knows what they have.

    2. No

    3. No


    Dave: Tony’s advice is good, except in Louisiana the answer to #3 is “Yes, a rope long enough to tie drivers door to left back door”. But seriously, can I FedEx Overnight a replacement spring to you? Sorry I don’t have the door latch assembly (driver’s front door is same as rear right door). I know that latch assemblies are same 32 through 35 (probably 38). I can take a spring from a spare 31 latch assembly and it will work in yours….Merlin



    Don’t take apart a latch mechanism just to get the spring. I’ve got a new spring to bring to the Gathering for Dave. I bought some for my ’29.


    Bill: Could you scan an actual size copy of the spring and e/snail mail it to me? I have a bunch of springs, perhaps I could match the scan to one of mine such that I would have a spare. Tony



    We are at the Gathering at Gilmore. I’ll take care of it when we get back home.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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