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    Can anyone advise if the1936 straight 8 should have a full or partial flow oil filter. I am looking to add this to mine. Thanks


    Hi Roger,

    The 1936 eight came equipped with the same type of full flow filter as ’33 thru ’38. There are big (1/2″) external pipes between the crankcase, oil cooler, and external pressure regulator. It is absolutely essential that if you install a filter (as the factory did) between the lower crankcase pump output (nearest the dipstick), that you use a full-flow filter and 1/2″ lines. ALL the oil must go through it. The filter was a Purolator L-4 (not available anymore). Several replacements were available over the years, but probably not anymore (Purolator P-48-06, Fram F-30-P2 and FH-6-PL 001, and Baldwin P-80). I believe member Bob Sands has a kit available that looks like an L-4, but is split and screws apart to accept a modern full flow filter.

    If you do not care about original looks, you can use a Fram HP-1 screw-on with bracket kit, and mount the bracket on two water jacket studs (same mounting centers) and use hydraulic hose (1/2″ I.D.) for connections.

    If you do not have an oil cooler, just run one line from the tee at the filter output to the upper crankcase hole (to rear of water pump), and one to the external pressure regulator (screwed in the hole ahead of the water pump near the generator).

    This subject has been discussed thoroughly in past service bulletins – please obtain an index so you can use them to best advantage.

    Best of luck,

    Bob Jacobsen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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