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    Found this car for sale, confusing because it states $45K and $70K but if anyone’s interested, not my car, just passing it on….



    Looking at that side shot of the motor it appears to be the auction car that did not sell.

    Same rubber hose bypassing the oil cooler.


    Aha, could very well be….


    I bought the car. Not what it was advertised to be. Cause of the low oil pressure

    was a disintegrated intake valve lifter( about 15 sizable pieces all found in the oil pan. Now have about 20 lbs at idle. The seller was totally dishonest regarding major details,e.g. not a private seller(add 6.5% sales tax); meticulously restored

    (maybe once upon a time but numerous, mainly small, items to repair); seller was not the owner; problems with the title which required supply of two affidavits;and the biggest detractor, the engine is from a 1934. Name of seller upon request.


    Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing with your new purchase.

    The members of this board will not hesitate to assist you with knowledge, advice, parts or leads on parts and any other stuff Pierce related.

    Good luck getting your car straightened out so you can enjoy your Pierce as they were meant to be – out on the road.

    Although the purchase process was far less than ideal you’ll find that Pierce ownership along with being a member of the PAS family is quite rewarding.


    Well said Craig.

    Salvatore, I too have a 1601. Once sorted out, you find it a wonderful touring car.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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