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    Looks like a rough 1938 PA car is now on Ebay. Only 4 are in the roster.



    This is likely the 1938 Model 1802 Club Sedan that used to be in Oregon. It was owned new by the Stevens family at Salem. Later owned by a family at Salem then later by a Portland policeman and finally by Frank Merrell at Portland. The twelve cylinder engine was replace by the second owner with an eight. It sat outside in the weather for many years.


    Great info Paul, on a sad case.

    Thank you


    Is this the car that sold in Springfield Mi not long ago at $1000?


    Thanks Paul!


    This is the only 1938 Model 1802 Club Sedan of which there is a record. The serial number is 3165001. The engine is a 1934 eight number 314068.


    My 1934 was in a lot worse shape if you can believe that but it was a steel for 3k but you all no how it turned out


    The car has been out in thr weather for many, many years. I first saw it in Philadelphia eight years ago. There is NOTHING left of it, not a single thing. I looked it over twice, and the engine number on the block is so far gone it can not be read. It wasn’t worth 100 dollars……….it sold for just under 1100 bucks at the auction last week. The 1936 V-12 Sedan sold to Walter Miller of Auto Literature fame in Syracuse New York. The 34 is now at Cislak’s being cut up for parts. The fake speedster pile of XXXX sold for 25k, not really sure anyone would pay that for what it is…………Ed


    Where’s Mr. Grimsmo when a Pierce needs him! Wasn’t his 30 Phaeton much worse when he started? :-)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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