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    I have no financial interest but there are some 2000# double ended engine stands for sale on ebay


    They are new and knocked down. Ex gov’t. I like the crank handle to rotate the engine


    Great concept. This likely would not work for a Pierce engine, as they (especially the eights) are much longer than this stand can accommodate. Years ago, my father-in-law built a body rotator that is capable of adjusting the body length using box channel and a size larger channel as a sleeve so we could adjust the length to accommodate between a tri-five chevy, little Tbird and a Mustang all using the same basic stand. It still works well today. I am sure we could build an engine stand using the same concept with one fixed end (with the crank) and the other with sleeves over bottom rails to handle whatever size engine came along. I do agree this dual support type stand is critical for larger engines. We were told someone put a Ford 312 Tbird engine on a standard type stand, and left it for a couple of months. It actually deformed the number 4 and 8 cylinders. What a waste of an engine.



    I am with you on the sleeve. Having just wrestled 2 Pierce 8’s, I am looking for something more robust than I can find at Harbor Freight.



    Bill, didn’t i show you my engine stand for the 8cyl engines when you were here? It’s just like Bob described, a standard single end stand, that uses a square central tube with a cross piece and wheels to support the suspended engine.

    The central tube’s inside dimensions just fit another square tubing’s outside dimensions, and I’ve made a stand with a vertical section to support the end of the engine.




    Absolutely, but you didn’t have a crank rotator. Lol

    By the way, the OTC one is 37.5″ between plates.



    Yeah, that crank is nice. I could create one, and might have to. I think the normal mounting of an engine crankcase on the bell housing bolts and in the case of our long 8cylinder Pierce engines, the front timing chain cover or front mount bolts will result in a very top heavy rotating mass of iron.

    I can foresee a lot of trouble to rotate the engine around while installing pistons and rods. The block will probably be 150-200# heavier above the crank than below.

    Greg Long

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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