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    I had a GREAT time at the 2011 Annual Meet in Fairport. Thanks to John Dillman, Bob Kanauer, and the entire 2011 meet committee for all their hard work organizing such a fun week for us!


    I second that Paul! Great to see all who participated.


    Pat and I were only able to be there for the show and the banquet, but we’re sure glad we able to take in at least that much. Great job, John & Bob and committee. A super location, great cars, and, most of all, great people. Thanks again.

    Tony & Pat Doughty


    We had a great time and just got home. Thanks to the meet committee and all the well wishers. Had no problems except for the generator which quit genning late yesterday. On Sunday we made it all the way to Elkhart, Indiana which was 508 miles.

    Next year our drive will be only 190 miles to Kalamazoo. Surely someone will drive farther than that to the 2012 meet. We’d love the company.

    Bill and Wilma


    Liz and I had a great time at the Meet. Got to meet folks we had not met before. Also got to see cars that were new to us. Can’t think of a better way to spend a week. Thanks John, Bob and all who helped.



    We got home on Sunday afternoon, an uneventfull drive.

    The meet was wonderful, with interesting tours and thankfully for the most part, great touring weather.. Hey, we all need a shower now and then !!

    A great event, thanks John, Bob and all the organizers.

    Greg Long


    If you forgot your little slip of paper for the track side photos I’ve attached a link to the website.




    It was a great meet, thanks to all who put it on. Ed


    Thank You to all the folks that attended the meet and the kind comments we have received.

    It was a lot of work – the reward is visiting with all the Pierce Arrow members, family, and guests, and seeing their cars and bicycles at the meet. There were 95 members registered with a total of 242 people attending. We are fortunate to live in an area that has many interesting places to tour.

    John Dillman and his attention to detail was the key factor that made the Meet what it was. Arrangements with the venues and the tour routes were done, for the most part, by John.

    The Committee members working on other facets of the meet also need to be commended for their contributions!

    Hope to see all of you next year in Michigan.

    Best Regards,

    Bob & Kathy Kanauer


    What a GREAT meet. Met great folks, had great food and lots of laughs.

    Thanks to those that worked so hard to bring off a great meet.

    Mike B.


    The annual meet was outstanding. Many thanks to everyone on the committee for a job well done. All of your hard work paid off in a great time for all of us.



    John & Bob did a fabulous job in New York and set a high bar for us to meet next year in West Michigan. But we’ll do our best to respond with another great PAS Annual Meet in 2012, June 26 -30.


    Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as did our 12-year-old grandson Seth. We would like to thank John, Kathy and Bob for their many hours of hard work; your thoughtful attention to every detail paid off. We also appreciate the many members who spent time with Seth, allowing him to ride in their Pierces, showing him how things work, giving him their personal attention. He will remember this vacation for his whole life.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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