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    The board will discuss the possibility of an annual meet in Lake George/ Glens Falls at the annual meeting next month in Virginia. (2022) Although I remember many events, (Dinner cruise on Lake George, driving tour to Blue Mountain Lake and the Adirondack Museum, driving tour to Saratoga Auto Museum) there were other events also. (I probably have a program up North, but I am not there). See how many other events you can remember from that meet and post them here. (1993)


    Tony, I’m twenty five years younger than you and I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night. That is literally about 800 car shows ago that I attended. That said, it’s a great area to tour in. I hope it works out. Best, Ed


    John will be sending out info on the historic Queensbury Hotel. They have spent hundred of thousands of dollars restoring it to the splendor of the 1920s. For those that recall, the park across the street was used for our

    Saturday show. In addition, we more than likely will be able to block off the street between the hotel and park for additional parking, and/or another activity during the week. The city of Glens Falls welcomes groups such as ours, and will be incredibly event friendly


    The Queensbury Hotel is a gem and very close to many interesting venues around Lake George. Some of the on-site staff remember the PAS in 1993 and are excited about being considered for 2022. We owe Tony a great dept of gratitude for his thought leadership and early due diligence on this potential site for 2022. The board will review the topic in Williamsburg.

    If Glen Falls is a go, we will need regional folks to help Tony pull the meet together and execute it. Please email me if interested in helping in any way. Ed Minnie, the multitasker, will have duties to assure this meet goes smoothly.

    I would be interested in reading any memories from the 1993 event and agologize for the distraction from Tony’s first post.



    Tony, There was a tour to Fort Ticonderoga.



    A loop around Lake George with Ticonderoga at the top is a beautiful drive. I recall there may be another historic battlefield on the return to Glen Falls.

    Excellent touring area!



    Craig Lovrich along with Bob Dluhy and Terry Fitch have agreed to serve on the committee for the Lake George meet in ’22, assuming the board chooses to approve this meet. Yesterday Craig called me, to inform me he had found the complete meet folder from Lake George in ’93. Since he had two complete files, his and his dad’s, he is going to bring me one set next week when he is in Florida. This would make this meet plan so easy! The tour guides are there, the menu from the Steamboat Company dinner, etc,etc.


    Tony, thanks for all the up front work your doing for this proposed meet.

    I’m trilled that Craig pulled a hat trick on 1993 Meet Booklet.



    Interesting that the meet was 27 years ago……….I’m getting old! And also, does Craig ever throw anything away? Looking forward to going back there again. Ed


    I seem to have overlooked 2021 meet information, if it is listed. I looked in announcements. What do we know?


    Hi Jim, 2021 is all set for Buellton, Ca. Details will be out very soon.

    We have tentative plans for a visits to the Ocean front and a trip to Vandenberg AFB. Solvang is also on our list for touring.

    We hope that you and your family can attend!



    Thanks John I hope to be there, but sometimes the dates interfere with school. This year starts on June 9th and last day of school is 10th so it does not work. I might be able to make it but not the family.JimHope this fact can be considered in future meets; since our children are the future of the PAS


    Jim you are correct in your concern for school interference. In the Albany Capital district, of which Lake George, Glens Falls, and Saratoga are a part, there is another factor at play. The historic Saratoga Thoroughbred Flat track, opens in July. The availability of rooms anywhere in the Saratoga area (which includes Glens Falls) is limited, and prices skyrocket. The track opens earlier in July than when we had our last meet, so our dates were really limited to June.


    Jim, you are so right. The dates of our meets need to be mindful of school.

    I’ve gotten feedback that some of our members, who rely on their grown children to help them attend meets, the children have youngsters in school and it can impact all parties ability to attend.

    For the 2021 Ca. meet, we will get the dates and some details posted after our Winter meeting at Williamsburg in a few weeks.



    Eddie: I remember that you were driving an all Black Pierce, mid ’30’s, I don’t think it was a ’36 or later. You didn’t like the downhill sections of the tours, since your car was heavy and you were concerned about it’s brakes. BUT you survived!!

    But your car did not.. it developed a loud knock in the engine, and we thought it was a connecting rod bearing.

    Craig Lovereich rode with Maurice Reid and myslef in a modern pickup truck. Craig may remember that he had missed his ride halfway through a tour, and had to hitch a ride for the remainder of that day’s tour.

    And I do member the cars in the park just across the street from the Hotel.. it’s almost as nice as having the car-snowfield on the lawn at Pokagon last year.. .

    Greg Long

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