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    Very nice find.

    The glass lenses are worth more than the current bid even if the rings are pretty beat.

    Hopefully it goes to a PAS member that really needs this and not to someone that just wants to flip it.


    This sold for $226.28 on ebay. Time to start cleaning out the garage attic.


    Sounds like a bargain to me!! I paid way over those odds for a set of similar quality about 9 months ago. AND I AM HAPPY to get them!! As Ed says $125 – $150 per lens only. $226 WAS a bargain!! BUT you have to buy them when they are available! These parts are approaching 80 – 100 years old & they did not make millions of them. Cheers—Jak.


    The last complete Pierce taillight assembly on ebay went for somewhere around $700. It looked to be fairly well restored.

    The normal red lens is pretty common, they show up at Hershey and other swap meets for $5-$10 each.

    The ‘S’ lens can often be found for under $50,

    But the clear, back up or reverse light lens is pretty rare, and often is hard to find under $100.

    The ebay light assembly is for a ’28 or earlier. The ’29 assembly doesn’t have the wire connection on the back of the light. A ’29 has a hollow recess in the top of the light support. the wires are fed up the inside of the support and go directly into the light buckets..

    On the ’28 and earlier, the light support is hollow up to about 1″ from the top, the wires exit on the forward side of the support, they are enclosed in a thin-walled rubber tube, then are connected to the lights with a three-contact wire connector you can see in the ebay photos.. That 3-wire connector is also worth a fair amount.

    I too think the light assembly was a bargain.

    Greg L


    I must be looking in the wrong spots at Hershey & Chickasha, to even find Pierce stuff now is so hard it’s almost not worth all the walking. I do make an few finds, but it seems now most of the stuff is drying up. When you do the math for driving to Hershey, a weeks worth of hotels, gas, food, ect. even a part you can score for 20 bucks costs you another 150 for the day in expenses. Granted the thrill of the chase and find is priceless for a collector. I have never needed to buy a tail light or glass for a project, but so many people are installing a light on the right hand side of the car the parts are getting very difficult to find. I think John gets more requests for tail light than any other item except manifolds and carbs. I have never seen the S red lens at a non Pierce space, did any other car use them?


    Hi Ed, there must have been some other makes of cars using the ‘S’ lens. I know I’ve purchased the S’ lenss in a bezel that is not Pierce. But of course that lens may not have always been in that non-Pierce bezel.

    But I think a back-up light was pretty rare on the 20’s-30’s cars. The Pierce clear back-up light lens also had vertical ribs, like a headlight to flatten out the light emitted, and that might be unique to Pierce.

    The red taillight lens is pretty common, I see them every year at various swap meets.

    BUT three is no doubt that the ‘supply’ is drying up. Often when I am in a swap meet space looking at a table covered with boxes of lenses, the plastic are separated from the glass ones, and the glass are priced much higher.. And when you ask a vendor for the price on a lens, he’ll say if it’s GLASS, it’s $XXX So the ‘real’ lenses are getting pricey.

    Just like the headlight lenses, If supply dries up, and the demand is high, someone will make reproductions. This has already happened for the light buckets, backing plates, and bezels.

    I don’t go to Hershey and buy parts thinking that I have to add the expenses of Hershey week to the price of anything I buy. I go to Hershey to buy anything that ‘tickles my interest’. I’ve gone home with less than a shoe-box of parts before, and I’ve gone home thinking that the truck looks like it ought to have ‘Sanford and Son’ painted on the door. :-)

    I’m sure that I’ll still be ‘walking Hershey’ from my grave.. It’s a show, entertainment, and a social event for me.

    Even last year, the ‘Liquid Sunshine’ didn’t deter me, I bought a lot on Thursday and Friday, and stayed to look over the show cars on Saturday..

    Back to lenses… I’ll post some photos in a bit.

    Greg L

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