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    Can anyone help identify the kind of rubber seal which seals the windshield frame-body when you close and latch the ws? All the rubber on my Car is gone.


    I did find one photo which shows a rubber strip on the bottom of the windshield frame. I am not certain that there is a seal on the car body at the windshield opening, however. Still learning.


    I believe there was a rubber strip, much like a windshield-wiper that slid into a slot in the bottom of the windshield frame. It rubbed aganst and ‘sealed’ against the painted windshield opening of the body. There is a raised ‘lip’ at the rear of the cowl where it transitions to become the windshield opening.

    I think Steele or some other rubber reproduction companies might have the sealing strip.

    Have you called Restoration supply in Escondido California? I’d give them a call, they are PAS members and support the Pierce Arrow cars and restoration items very well.

    Greg Long


    Randy~I hav a 26 Series 80 and my original windshield strip is hardened from age. Restoration Supply Company had a T-rubber ( # RUB053) This slides into the frame on the sides and the bottom. A little black silicone to hold it in the channel and you need to 45′ the bottom corners. This was almost exact to the pieces I removed. It was a pain to get out since it was so hard.


    Fellows, I have had a little time to examine my Car and the Restoration Supply catalog, and I can see that the parts you mention will do the job. I need to do a little cleanup of the channels where these rubber strips fit, maybe a little black paint also, and I think I will have a nice little improvement to my Car.

    Thanks for the information and advice!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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