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    I am taking the 30 b victoria coupe apart and wonder if anyone needs the frame. The car was lost in the wildfire. I have to cut the springs in the front and rear but the frame appears to be ok. If I don’t hear within the week, I plan to cut it up and haul it off.


    Jim, Sorry for your loss. I have friends that lost cars in the Okla wildfires and they are still debating about what to do with them. Whats the price for the frame?



    Thank you for responding.

    I have no idea what it is worth. It is probably one of the most stable parts on the car. May actually be worth nothing but scrap iron. I do have people that are interested in some of the body parts. I have a 3.54 high speed rear end that may be ok. Also the clark 4 speed box 3rd gear set was good.

    Anyone know how to test the gears to see if they are ok?


    Is the cover on the top of the transmission aluminum? if so, and it is not melted then I’d say the gears are fine.

    Is the gear lubricant still a liquid, it hasn’t burnt to a sludge or hard crust or into ashes? if not the gears are fine.

    Greg L.


    Hi Greg,

    I haven’t opened the rear end yet but the grease on the inside of the tranny is toasted completely. Will get at it this week to tell. I know that none of the parts will rotate. Will keep you updated.



    A week is not very much time to get the word out esp. this time of the year. I have been 18 months rebuilding damage from a hail storm and 6 inch rain in 3 hours right after it. My cars inside made it ok, that was a blessing. Not many Pierce owners in Okla but there are a few and they are not members. I will spread the word . Best regards. Richard.



    I am interested in the 3.54 gearset, depending on your findings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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