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    does anyone know this car (auction just ended with no bidders).


    It is back on eBay, there must have been a problem with the initial listing. It is a Model 42. The car is listed on the seller’s website for $20K. She needs a lot of parts and love.



    It’s not even a parts car. Too much missing.


    Fellows, I think we are discussing two different cars. I certainly agree about the one you are commenting on. The one I meant is 2-tone blue. The auction ended Saturday with no action. Look in “completed listings”” under “”other makes””. It’s in New Jersey.



    See photo



    I forgot that this car was posted as well. I looked at this car and another 1931 Pierce approximately six years ago in the Syracuse, New York area. Both cars were sold on eBay. If you want to learn what I know about the car, you can call me.


    I was speaking of the series 42 barn find missing all the parts in the photos. I do not know the blue car, I have only seen it in photos.


    It Amuses me how overused the term “barn find”” had become. Along with “”actual miles”” it is headed to the Hall of Fame of automotive terms.”


    John I will call this evening if that’s all right.


    Randy, try this phone # 1856-655-9613 the car is in New Jersey..his name is Ron i believe..the 1st time it was on eBay i asked for the phone # …..Ed

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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