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    I thought I saw a thread on this once, but I can’t find it.

    On my 5 passenger I only have one outside door handle with a tumbler and key. It is the front passenger door.

    Is that correct and if so what were they thinking?


    That is correct for a five passenger sedan. My 1935 seven passenger sedan is the same.



    Thanks for the response. That really seams strange to me.



    Hello Bill,

    Our 1936 1601 five passenger sedan is the same, too.

    Regards, Stu Blair


    Perhaps not so strange. The other 3 doors can be locked from the inside, then the last door can be locked with the key from the safer curb-side of the car, away from the traffic in the road. Probably a better application is on a 4 door limousine, where the “driver” locks up after letting you out of the rear compartment on the curb side.

    Happy Motoring,



    Whatever you do, do not flip the locking handle into the lock position (regular sedan-right front, and Limousine both doors on right side). The key will then not release the locking mechanism. This, I learned the hard way-many years ago.



    My 1929 LH steered Club Brougham is the same. Keyed only on the RHS. As Chris says in USA RHS is against the kerb & makes good sense. Over here in The Land of OZ we drive on LHS so I have to lock the door out in the traffic!! Just a bit hairy sometimes!!



    Both my 1935 Pierce and 1935 Studebaker are locked in this fashion. Not all of the Pierce’s doors lock from the inside. The Studebaker lock is so worn that the key is no longer needed. I can lock it, and then it unlocks itself with a pull and a twist! As a result, neither of these cars is too secure. . .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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