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    Hi- Ebay auction 130174177867 , stated as a 1934 836A with stamped grill; but the hood appears to be the three door 1935 style. Were any cars made like this, or has this one been modified? Just curious, it appears his reserve is quite high.

    thanks David Coco Winchester Va.


    Some of the later 836A cars were fitted with louvered hoods after there were complaints of overheating. Dr. John Argue had one of these cars, and conveyed that information to me.


    If you enter the serial number (1080935) into the serial number wizard on this website you will learn that the ventilated hood was introduced at s/n 1080608. It appears that after making this announcement Pierce decided to begin a new s/n range beginning at 1080801. Some of the used car guides of this period reflect 2 distinct s/n ranges as well.

    The car on e-bay is one of the very last 836A cars built. I would expect that it originally came with a 1934 style hood versus a 1935 style hood.


    Thanks, Tony and Paul- this was one piece of Pierce trivia that I was not aware of; the "doored" hood is definitely more interesting than a standard 836A hood.

    Thanks David Coco


    The later styling of the 836A also had an extra tail light and, I believe, two sun visors (standard equipment for the later Series). Most had archers, this being a bad idea. If one wasn’t careful while opening the hood the archer could be broken.
    I remember talking to Ernie about 30 years ago. He related to me that he purchased this car when he got discharged from the Navy, in Phil., Pa., in 1946. He wasn’t the "original owner."

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