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    There’s a 34/35 convertible coupe just listed on EBay. Has bracket lights, I sure don’t like them.

    Would be interesting to see true condition of car, he states it’s a long time “endless”” restoration attempt…..”


    Take a close look, and as always, have an expert inspect the car……………the usual advice here.


    Woah – !

    Rumble seat looks like they copied a 1930 two-piece, and eliminated or covered luggage tray/top well benind seats, lack of power brake pedal & suspicious lines on the differential indicates a conversion to hydraulic brakes, trunk rack & hardware are home-brew, no R/S step plates, no running board chrome strips, door jamb closure geometry is wrong, don’t see any wood trim on top of doors (just home-brew rubber flaps), don’t see ANY provision for top mechanism, 35’s did not have fake vent windows, wrong fan, wrong head nuts, wrong oil filter & lines, wrong side-mount cover, etc.

    At least is has one P-A gauge!

    The chassis number is wrong, also – should be seven digits starting with “20”” with “”9″” in the fourth digit indicating assembly in Canada.

    A “”start-over”” IMHO. Stay away unless price drops to 1/10 of asking.



    Bob,.. any chance you will be taking Nancy to Spain? ha!


    Everything is not as it appears! Gee……..where did we hear that before. Perfect example of why ANY Pierce Arrow should be inspected by an expert…………more and more cars have V-12 engines placed in eight chassis. There are several cut down coupe’s that are now convertibles, the list is endless……..buyer beware at ALL times.


    Another comment………several “fake, modified, and rebodied” cars are in the club and unknown to many people, thus, just because a car has been a participant in club activity doesn’t mean it’s correct. And the number IS larger than you think.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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